Introduce yourself!

Hi. I’ve done magic different than most (no tools, props, ritual…nothing but words & focused intent) for about 60 years. Raised in a household with 3 generations of occultists. I am not religious or spiritual, but I like hearing about other’s methods so here I am. I also have APd since I was 7 years old and credit it with my sanity at certain points in my life :slight_smile: Glad to be here.


Hi I’m a new witch, dabbled through my life but actively learning and researching now :slight_smile: hopefully will find myself through it all :slight_smile:


howdy, y’all. this is hum. i can’t say that i’m much of anything at all, but magic is very much a part of my life, and has been for many years. my practice borrows somewhat from chaos magic, thelema, and core shamanism, which in today’s occult world isn’t a terribly meaningful statement.

i prefer empty-handed approaches and working on-the-spot, but when i have room to stretch my wings and the situation calls for it, i very much enjoy putting in the work and incorporating longer term ritual work into my practice.

i am currently unaffiliated with any formal tradition or magical order.

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Hiya! I’m Krelleth and I’ve been interested in the occult for over thirty years. I set out to find out if there was any way that science and magic were compatible, and ended up remodelling the universe. I’ll plug my book here, but I promise to be a proper contributor!

I’ve read a bunch of Crowley, all the Peter Caroll books, and a great book by Alan Chapman called “Advanced Magic for Beginners” :smiley:

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Hi everybody! Total newb to the occult. I find it all extremely interesting. Hoping to learn more to better learn myself.

Married, father of toddler twin boys, admin in an insurance company.
Due to this, I dont have much time for reading, but plenty of time for audiobooks and podcasts.

Looking forward to talking with everyone, in figuring all this out :grin:


Hello I’m in love with the occult, fascinated and drawn to magic always have been since I was a kid. I enjoy buddhism. A practicing witch, hard dreamer and traveler. I enjoy analyzing dreams, sharing spells from my books and cool ingredients. I love morbid curiosities and biology, painting and making herbal remedies especially tea. Candle magic, crystals, learning about traditional medicine practices. Nice to meet you! (uwu) ~^

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Hello. I’m Unreality. I’m 24 years old. I’m not even sure what my practice is accurately called. I have what some would call pop culture paganism going on. Specifically having to do with Lovecraft/Eldritch entities. I believe in 3 possibilities for their existence: godforms, pre-existing energies given names, and plain old imagination. I regard the explanations as all true & false simultaneously. When it comes to magic, I just do what works for me. Placebo or spiritual (again, both are simultaneously true & false explanations for me)…who cares? It works for me. That’s what matters most to me. If it ever stops working, I just toss it and find another method until that one does the same. I go back and forth a lot of with things, too.

I practice divination (mostly tarot & shufflemancy). I have an interest in demonolatry but I’m not practicing it and I’m viewing it through more of the “I’m just learning” lens.

On a mundane note, I really like cats, tea (I do like coffee as well but not as much because coffee tends to make me tired), and exobiology.

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Hi friends!
I’m new here and am so appreciative to have found a forum like this. My whole life (just turned 28, it’s my golden year), I always knew this was going to be the year for me. I have always been intuitive and clair-cognizant, receiving messages visually throughly dreams and gutturally instinctually as well. I am an avid cosmonaut and always use the celestial bodies for guidance and inspiration. I am an artist as well and that is a whole 'other story.

I use sigils, frequencies, energy manipulation to distort the physical realm (small scale) and other methods to strengthen my focus and intentions.
In my core I feel like I already KNOW what to do,but still crave knowledge so Please reach out and we can chat.
Instagram: _cerealism
facebook: RemyMaggiore

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Hello, everyone.

I’m a practicing astrologer and writer, thus occultist.

My foundation is gd-style ceremonial magick, but I’m into chaos magick, new thought and eastern practices, mainly zen buddhism.

I’m a solitary practictioner.

I hope I can have friendly conversations and learn as much as I can here.


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Hi! I’m a lapsed low level chaote-witch and I too miss that old forum. I was lamenting the lack of good places for occult discussion when I found this. Hope you guys are still active!

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Kinda sorta active. I guess I could be doing better at it, lol

Why are you lapsed?