Introduce yourself!

Welcome, feel free to give a shout out and tell us a little about yourself.

I’m a computor nerd who misses occultforum dot org so I made this to fill the void.

I mostly practice chaos magick.

Hi :slight_smile: I’m an incurable business owner and magician. I use dreams, meditation, and scrying to know things that I can’t know through the waking senses. I also use sigil magic, mantras and ceremony of my own artifice. I love making magical tools, and making things in general.

Nice to meet you.


I write fiction, so I need to do a lot of “research.”

That’s what all those books in my GoodReads library are about. That’s ALL it’s about. Swearsies.

As your fun Occult aunt, I show up in times of drama to help you see the spiritual side of this journey so you can get over that asshole Jayson or whatever. I will sage your entire house and balance your chakras. I’ll make you listen to Kate Bush and rant about the LBRP. I totally do yoga. It’s for my back but I swear I can feel my kundalinis rising.

I got here through MagickThots.


This is the best screen name!

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Hello! The best occulty term for me might just be mystic, as I practice pretty broadly under the umbrella of the Western mystery tradition. I integrate my practice as a therapist into all the workings I do, so the psychological underpinnings of magick, ritual, and symbolism are my modus vivendi.

Glad to be here!

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Thank you! I’m quite pleased with it :grin:

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Hello! I’m a building administrator and a cartoonist residing in the Philippines. I mostly practice chaos magick, some Hermetics and some folk magic. This is a very nice page!


I really like this board too. I hope it takes off! There really aren’t that many places for occultists online. I do think an art page would be a good additiin

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Great idea @Mskied, I just added it!


Hey guys! Im a general “Earth & Spirits” pagan, and im also a Freemason. I believe that all consciousness , all life, is forever and recurring and goes to and comes from mother earth and nature, i also practice spiritual yoga and astral projection. Im also a security boss . Happy to be here!

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hi am new here
I love occult very much


I’m new to this group and interested in everything occult. As we learn we grow.

Im a former artist, still could be, but content is uninspiring lately. Was a magic dabbler, something of a Buddhist, Champion of self actualization and “being”. Believed in finding Truth, believed in the liberty to do so. Believed in the Trust of Heaven, if there is such a place. Painted myself into initiation on canvas and got selected to be a Divine Initiate- really unprepared for what I was thrust into. That was 20 years ago. Started when someone challenged me to define Good and Evil, the Gods noticed. Definitely a starting point for contemplation, anything is, really, but Chaos, Order, Good, Evil, Freedom, Love and Law are all great. Theres a lot of other stuff to examine too- like animal truth, Lust, passion, loyalty, duty, courage, fear, Desire, possibility, result… I was sent to the Master Therion and didn’t know what to choose so I let fate decide, wound up taking the rite of the Eucharist- where the magician starts with self examination which leads to worldly knowledge. Was given the rite of Saturn, among others. Not sure how I fared in it all because it was a lot to ingest and process. Basically had to fight to re-establish myself as a dominate person over my being, learned some things on the way. Do What Thou Wilt.

BTW I write a lot on facebook if you are interested my name there is Mskied Aiwass

Hello! I’m a former Golden Dawn member. Emphasis on the former, since I now follow my own melange of guidelines and constructs, still heavily focused on ceremony. I’m currently being mentored by a Druid Magi. Nice to meet you all, and good to see there’s a place like this somewhere in the vast world wide web.

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I am a sorcerer and houngan (priest) of Haitian Vodou. I am a member of the house of Jean Kent and have been on and off forums for close to a decade. I am a professional spiritual worker and take magic very seriously. I can be blunt and direct at times so don’t take it personally, often times it’s my concise way of expressing myself and not an attitude.

I offer readings and spiritual services as well as real solutions to spiritual problems. I don’t like to be badgered by questions but I don’t mind being asked the occasional thought-out inquiry.

Nice to meet all of you.

Nice to meet you all!

Hi! I’m an witch, but I’m pretty new to it all. I’m drawn ti working with crystals, sigils, and kitchen magick! I think it’s fun and it has improved my life :smile: :sunny:

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Hi, I’m Donk. I hail from Australia, I do not affiliate in any occult organization or temple, but philosophy-wise I’m a Satanist/Setian. I won’t pretend I’m some guru, I consider myself a student with a long way to go on the path.

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