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Welcome, feel free to give a shout out and tell us a little about yourself.

I’m a computor nerd who misses occultforum dot org so I made this to fill the void.

I mostly practice chaos magick.

Hi :slight_smile: I’m an incurable business owner and magician. I use dreams, meditation, and scrying to know things that I can’t know through the waking senses. I also use sigil magic, mantras and ceremony of my own artifice. I love making magical tools, and making things in general.

Nice to meet you.


I write fiction, so I need to do a lot of “research.”

That’s what all those books in my GoodReads library are about. That’s ALL it’s about. Swearsies.

As your fun Occult aunt, I show up in times of drama to help you see the spiritual side of this journey so you can get over that asshole Jayson or whatever. I will sage your entire house and balance your chakras. I’ll make you listen to Kate Bush and rant about the LBRP. I totally do yoga. It’s for my back but I swear I can feel my kundalinis rising.

I got here through MagickThots.


This is the best screen name!

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Hello! The best occulty term for me might just be mystic, as I practice pretty broadly under the umbrella of the Western mystery tradition. I integrate my practice as a therapist into all the workings I do, so the psychological underpinnings of magick, ritual, and symbolism are my modus vivendi.

Glad to be here!

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Thank you! I’m quite pleased with it :grin:

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Hello! I’m a building administrator and a cartoonist residing in the Philippines. I mostly practice chaos magick, some Hermetics and some folk magic. This is a very nice page!