Introduce yourself!

Welcome, feel free to give a shout out and tell us a little about yourself.

I’m a computor nerd who misses occultforum dot org so I made this to fill the void.

I mostly practice chaos magick.

Hi :slight_smile: I’m an incurable business owner and magician. I use dreams, meditation, and scrying to know things that I can’t know through the waking senses. I also use sigil magic, mantras and ceremony of my own artifice. I love making magical tools, and making things in general.

Nice to meet you.


I write fiction, so I need to do a lot of “research.”

That’s what all those books in my GoodReads library are about. That’s ALL it’s about. Swearsies.

As your fun Occult aunt, I show up in times of drama to help you see the spiritual side of this journey so you can get over that asshole Jayson or whatever. I will sage your entire house and balance your chakras. I’ll make you listen to Kate Bush and rant about the LBRP. I totally do yoga. It’s for my back but I swear I can feel my kundalinis rising.

I got here through MagickThots.


This is the best screen name!

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Hello! The best occulty term for me might just be mystic, as I practice pretty broadly under the umbrella of the Western mystery tradition. I integrate my practice as a therapist into all the workings I do, so the psychological underpinnings of magick, ritual, and symbolism are my modus vivendi.

Glad to be here!

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Thank you! I’m quite pleased with it :grin:

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Hello! I’m a building administrator and a cartoonist residing in the Philippines. I mostly practice chaos magick, some Hermetics and some folk magic. This is a very nice page!


I really like this board too. I hope it takes off! There really aren’t that many places for occultists online. I do think an art page would be a good additiin

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Great idea @Mskied, I just added it!


Hey guys! Im a general “Earth & Spirits” pagan, and im also a Freemason. I believe that all consciousness , all life, is forever and recurring and goes to and comes from mother earth and nature, i also practice spiritual yoga and astral projection. Im also a security boss . Happy to be here!

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hi am new here
I love occult very much


I’m new to this group and interested in everything occult. As we learn we grow.

Im a former artist, still could be, but content is uninspiring lately. Was a magic dabbler, something of a Buddhist, Champion of self actualization and “being”. Believed in finding Truth, believed in the liberty to do so. Believed in the Trust of Heaven, if there is such a place. Painted myself into initiation on canvas and got selected to be a Divine Initiate- really unprepared for what I was thrust into. That was 20 years ago. Started when someone challenged me to define Good and Evil, the Gods noticed. Definitely a starting point for contemplation, anything is, really, but Chaos, Order, Good, Evil, Freedom, Love and Law are all great. Theres a lot of other stuff to examine too- like animal truth, Lust, passion, loyalty, duty, courage, fear, Desire, possibility, result… I was sent to the Master Therion and didn’t know what to choose so I let fate decide, wound up taking the rite of the Eucharist- where the magician starts with self examination which leads to worldly knowledge. Was given the rite of Saturn, among others. Not sure how I fared in it all because it was a lot to ingest and process. Basically had to fight to re-establish myself as a dominate person over my being, learned some things on the way. Do What Thou Wilt.

BTW I write a lot on facebook if you are interested my name there is Mskied Aiwass

Hello! I’m a former Golden Dawn member. Emphasis on the former, since I now follow my own melange of guidelines and constructs, still heavily focused on ceremony. I’m currently being mentored by a Druid Magi. Nice to meet you all, and good to see there’s a place like this somewhere in the vast world wide web.

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I am a sorcerer and houngan (priest) of Haitian Vodou. I am a member of the house of Jean Kent and have been on and off forums for close to a decade. I am a professional spiritual worker and take magic very seriously. I can be blunt and direct at times so don’t take it personally, often times it’s my concise way of expressing myself and not an attitude.

I offer readings and spiritual services as well as real solutions to spiritual problems. I don’t like to be badgered by questions but I don’t mind being asked the occasional thought-out inquiry.

Nice to meet all of you.

Nice to meet you all!