Freemasonry and the Occult

Hey guys! Im a Freemason from a smaller town in the bible belt USA. In my neck of the woods, it wasnt always the safest for occultists of any stripe, but the masons lodge was always a safe haven for those who wished to practice and study the “Old Forbidden Knowledge” or paganism ,hence partially the reason for the old secrecy of the Masons Lodge. I’ll answer questions if anyone has them within reason, i do subscribe to the old masonic secrecy out of respect to brothers who passed, but with the internet everything has been put out there for the most part by the Grand Lodge itself. Any way, blessed be, thanks for your time!

Crowley took the torch of Freemasonry and passed it on the the OTO. How does the Law of Thelema compare the the Law of Freemasonry? Is it similar, or the same? What is the basic belief of Freemasonry? Is it that we are free to build? And if so, what Laws do you follow?

If i were to try to sum up the Masons lodge in my words , I’d say it’s a place for all faiths and walks of life to study pre christian Egyptian occult information and be involved in charity . My grandfather was a member and he was also a baptist minister, and many are Christians, Muslims, etc are allowed to join as long as you judge not other peoples practices, and that you take Masonic teaching seriously.

To answer the building part, Masonry is a metaphorical term comparing building people up into mentally, and spiritually strong people to the building of king solomons temple and the geometry and numerology therein but not through meekness as in Christian teaching , but in integrity and action much akin to Luciferianism, "Suffer it not be done upon yourself and your brothers, do what thy will if it harms none etc.

I would say very similar to thelemic law, but i cant say that it is or isnt the same, same ish? Also the “Free” means “Speculative”. Most of us now dont work with stone irl, but the originators all did

Crowley, Thelemites and the OTO take “Do what thou wilt” to some pretty great heights, some saying it means do ANYTHING for any reason, or no reason at all. Its really become the study and practice of absolute Chaos for some. The Book of the Law suggests fighting and killing for your Will. I didn’t know how the Freemasons saw this, but even Jews are allowed to kill.

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Why is “Do What Thou Wilt” the Law? Because the best advice is always to fight for your freedom and your property, and what is more your property than your body and mind? Yes we are communal, social creatures that rely upon one another in many ways, and have to unite to continue the species, and in doing this we find ourselves binding to our word, and that is when we limit our freedom for duty. In doing your Will, you meet others doing the same, and unless their Will gets in the way of yours, you let them pass, or you unite in common goals.

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Here’s a link to a reading i quite enjoy,
Wicca has deep Masonic roots as well