Everything is... and thats a fact!

Hi guys. Part of my initiation was to acknowledge the value of all that is, even things that do not seem to have value, or seem to detract from the value of things. I think this idea is obvious to the subtle mind, but the conscious mind doesn’t spend a lot of time contemplating it- and that is what I believe is the real focal point of Chaos Magick- finding the purpose and use for everything- to open the door to new things that we can admire and use.

This observation will vary depending upon experience, but after a few years of paring life down to the fundamentals, I see that its not actually that complicated. How did I do this? My initiation began with the contemplation of Good and Evil, which caused a sort of paranoia in me that led me on a chase until I defeated it. I had to name a fundamental Good, and a fundamental Evil- something absolute from one perspective- without making any concessions that the Evil is Good- this required a certain optimism and recognition of what we believe we enjoy at the outset- and I defined this fundamentally as; Good is that which aids us in our efforts, and Evil is that which opposes. This might sound obvious, and it should be, but again, these are not things we consciously recognize and catalogue. My spiritual path has led me to many fundamentals that bring me a sort of calm, and peace- and strength- strength that helps me accept that which I have no power over, and to recognize, if necessary, that which seems disturbing.

So when something is an obstacle, it might seem to be bad, but in Chaos Magick we recognize its value- even though most of us would rather not be opposed, it provides a strength- a strength that we need, and why do we need to be strong? This strength actually harms our emotional body, and its True that the Good of Love is not to want the emotional body harmed, and that when our emotional body is harmed, we act callously. So why do we need this endurance? Its because of our physical environment; Nature, and the act of struggling to go from place to place, and endure the variety of things on this path. We need a certain thick skin, or we would be too feeble.

So why am I sharing this? Its because my initiation was a sort of obsession to conquer Chaos, pain, fear, death, and hatred. This is a sort of ideal that most mystics begin with, because the earnest heart aims at the greatest Good. Im writing this to say that it is impossible. Essentially, shit happens, and we have to manage it. Now, Chaos Magick is about scooping up the poop and making it into gold, and that is its value. Ive been told that a mystic is not meant to examine Chaos, but I think that is wrong, that is exactly how we arrive at improvements.

So when you start on your mystical and Magickal journey, keep this in mind, and expect that God is ALL, and that there is a good and a bad result from everything, and only God knows the reason for establishing this system, and only God knows what He intended to be the result. Don’t sweat it out- but don’t ignore Wisdom either.

In Magick, after the Adept is finished in the Abyss, they come up with their Law, or message for the world, and can form their philosophy or religion around the Truth that they have claimed. For Aliester Crowley, the Law he defined was “Do What Thou Wilt” I have come up with one, which was “Do not obstruct” which I have outlined elsewhere, but the one I claim now is “Everything Is”.

So how are these enlightened comments? For Crowley, it wasn’t simply that human beings have free will, or at least, the ability to choose from a potentially predetermined set of options- I think he was saying that with this ability, we should investigate all options and potentials, because this will contribute to our wealth. It will also keep us from being held at the mercy of injustice- but it will also allow injustice, and so it is a difficult Law to digest, because it is essentially lawless. I have validated this because ultimately, we cannot know the outcome of our actions, even bad actions can have Good consequences. This is based on the faith of God that Mankind will make the choices they need to make, for the betterment of the self, the family, or all of humanity. This is a Law of strength, and the strong will make liberal use of it- and it is up to those of us that are trying to hold the order of life together to monitor these magicians and be certain that what they do actually does bring some benefit to the things I have outlined- which are the needs: food, shelter, clothing, transportation, industry, enjoyment, medicine and civil order. This brings me to what I chose to declare, which was “Do not obstruct”. Do not obstruct means that so long as you are not harming or obstructing someone else, and they are not harming or obstructing you, you are free to do what thou wilt. If their actions come into conflict with yours, object, and the argument will prove who deserves what rights- which, we all deserve to be free, so long as we are not harming anyones health or property. I believe this is how the West functions now, and this is the door to why the secret occultist societies are regarding as being the True Religion of the West. These are not the proactive messages of Buddhism and Christianity, which are very excellent religions in terms of aiding people and keeping a peaceful order. Mankind has chosen to denounce this faith though, for mankind has always desired more freedom, and mankind enjoys the sensations that these religions warn against, because a passionate personality disturbs the calm, and causes ignorance (at times). Pride creates jealousy, jealousy creates a threat, or depression- and also ambition. The same for greed, and desiring to obtain what someone else has obtained. Its a competitive spirit, and the fruits of these things: wealth, power and beauty, are enjoyable to mankind, and aren’t always used in an unjust fashion. The endeavor to produce and procure these things causes us industry, which is needed in our capitalistic economy. This spirit of passion is also good as a motive of seeking and inventing, as is Duty- which is a more prudent and disciplined method of doing the Good. I have now declared that “Everything Is” because I recognize that these systems will never be defeated- that the spirit of Do What Thou Wilt is actually Divinely supported, and so we must learn to accept this state- Mystics know, all of this evolves out of Chaos, and as any rational person with a perspective on history can say, God has not always been orderly, and immortality is uncertain. Everything is, and so, learn what it is, and make the best of it. Everything is, so beware what you might have cause to fear- do not blind yourself. Everything is, so be at peace.

Everything is Joy and Sorrow, hunger and Desire, the fire of fire. Law and work, and the Will to do. We barter and submit, or fight. The strong get the advantage, always, and the victor wins the greater portion. Choose to seduce, choose to convince, choose to assist, or choose to challenge. There is consequence for all of these, and it is all about security, prosperity, and want.

Revenge and revolution will keep the wheel of murder and harm alive.

The World is Duty and Desire. Duty to ourselves is to see that we get what we Desire, Duty to others is the Desire to aid them in their needs. Because we want, generosity is key in keeping things peaceful and orderly, for the efforts to attain can bring Chaotic and possibly unlawful action. We need to educate with Wisdom, and we do this with Kindness, for in violence we cause depression and thoughts of revenge, or flight. Community is the goal- a harmonious union of souls as we generate a peaceful and prosperous society.

Life is the Will to do or not do. The world is choice, and of those choices, there is Desire or Duty. This is the flame of the fire of fire as it strikes matter. The result of this process is either joy or sorrow: success or fail, and the environment either benefits us or is against us, and in all of these is the cause of our suffering.

In order to make sense of economics and the value of Human life, we have to place a numerical value on life. Until the day that everything is done for us, we have to work at production, and we need to produce to survive. Desire has to take a back seat to Duty.

Let us then say that every human is worth a dollar, and if there is a rate that this dollar is granted let us say it is by the hour. Now ten people join together and produce something worth 10 dollars, and so when you learn what they designed you are now worth 10 dollars. This is inherently a pyramid plan of rising in worth and ability. We cannot avoid the fact that we start out worth only a dollar, and in fact, we should monitor this well, for in doing so we will create a fair payment and expectation on human life. The problem with our economy is that when we produce something worth 10 we sell it for 40, escalating the cost of attaining this product, even though it is only worth 10.

When it comes to those that cannot produce, we figure that when we keep them alive with aid that their money returns immediately to society- no one on welfare is getting rich. We should also provide the means to learn and be worth more than a dollar for these people. When one cannot earn or produce, their value is in their consumption, and in consuming, they return the money given back into the pool, but what we would hope one would want is to be able to earn and produce, and that they would be worth more than a dollar when they do, for in life, we want nice things, security, and the ability to afford our Desires as well as manage our Duties, and this ability costs more than can be earned by being worth only a dollar.

So much of the promises of Heaven are the indulgences that we chose to deny ourselves in life, and so it would seem that these “moral” choices are not so moral after all, for if they are allowed in Gods kingdom, then why not here? It is possible to enjoy the fruit of Heaven in life and not be harmful or unfair.

Fundamentally there is a contest in Heaven, between a God (or Godess) that says we are stupid to want, for in our wanting we are careless, and a God (or Godess) that says we are stupid not to want, for life is Desire, and we should get what we want while we live.

Life in action, the fire of fire- is Duty, Desire, Fear, and Love. These are the things we react to. There is no Chaos, only action and consequence that is known or not, everything has a cause. Good is that which aids and Evil that which opposes, and there is Good that leads to Evil and Evil that leads to Good. Everything is True, and power gets what it wants. All of this relies on your moral goal, and one must ask what their greater Good is.

Everything starts with matter that is ignited with fire. The fire yearns for the matter to consume, and in consuming, illuminates and animates and warms. The fire of Desire causes us to reach out and learn and discover, and the full body of discovery is Love. Love teaches us Duty, and Law, and through these things we discover fear, and fear teaches us obedience or defiance. In obedience we discover prudence and in defiance we discover hate.

It is our ignorance of Duty and Desire that cause our disputes. It is the amount of Duty we are meant to carry out that causes our resentments. It is our inability to acquire what we Desire that causes them as well. When our Desire is opposed we get angered. When we fail our Duty we anger.

We have no Duty to God, but we do have Duty to ourselves and one another.

Why is the Occult so great? From an entertainment perspective, it is the heights of drama: it has all the Gods and heroic tales, demons, monsters and Angels. Its also Witchcraft, which is me using everything in my power to get what I Desire. It tries to explain the unknown, invisible worlds that we imagine to be surrounded by, and from the view of philosophy, it holds all the keys to the greatest thinkers of time. It is also a discipline, and has ritual, and honors God in ways that other religions do not. It is the fount of creativity and learning.

The fundamentals of contemplation are Chaos, Law, Desire and Duty. The key component here is Free Will, for if we didn’t have Free Will, we would be fated and at the mercy of the design, and as such, would have to admit that God intends there to be both Good and Evil. So we have Free Will, which leads us to Desire, and part of life is wanting, and experiencing- and that is why life is for life’s sake. When a person matures they realize that there are duties to fulfill, regardless of our desire. These duties are based on Law, and Law is all about property and rights.

God is Desire, but God is also Duty- for we want to Desire to be obedient and live up to our obligations, obligations that are necessary because of our environment. The trick is, to define what our duties are, and to be able to convince people to live up to them.

Chaos is an illusion. Even when you do something in the name of Chaos- something random without knowing the intention or result- it is interpreted by someone else, and so it is no longer meaningless, and the magician can interpret the result, and it stops being Chaotic and starts being orderly. Doing things on impulse is a Neophyte quality, and eventually things order themselves when the candidate is able to define and name what they are doing. Eventually you have symbols and meaning that are attributed to action and thought. The body becomes a symbol, and we attribute meaning to the different portions based on other symbols, like the pentagram, or the tree of life- however, these are just temporary attributions, for really, the functions of the body have their own definitions. When you hear someone say “Listen to your heart”, does your heart really speak, or is it the ideas you have attributed to what the heart represents that forms into a concept in your mind upon which you act? Meditation aligns the heart and the body, and it is united, and we become one creature, no longer prone to impulses that we didn’t define, reacting out our experiences the interpretation of which developed as a helpless child. It takes meditation and years of contemplation to complete a united symbol onto your body that is aligned with correct meaning. There is no Chaos, everything has a cause and effect.

The Muse of the Philosophers is Truth, and in Truth, there is certainty- though in the end, nothing can be declared to be certain, for there is always another to answer to in regards to action, but isolated, the Philosopher can live their own Truth, and it provides. All idea is Mystical, and in each view, there is a vision of reality. Still the Philosopher wished for absolute Truth, and in the end we must return to Good and Evil. In all of this is Chaos, and in Chaos there is no end, but infinity. To be certain is to be Eternal, and in an Eternal state comes enduring Truth. The goal of the Magus is to transcend Chaos, to transcend the infinite and become static, if at least for a time, for in our environment there is static Law, and Truth that cannot be avoided.

Everything is, and everything has its consequences- Do What Thou Wilt! Just remember, revenge never ends, and blessings arent always rewarded.

Everything is material. Existence is matter, form, and fuel- and the measurements of each.

Above this is the mind, which observes and documents, catalogues and defines, and from it we create spirit.

From our experience of matter and spirit, we encounter the emotions of joy and sorrow, fear and hate, love and gratitude.

To order all of this we have Law.