A reminder about hubris from Carroll

Does ‘the power of the way you live’ cause magick to occur effortlessly?

Do you use ‘True Will’ as an excuse to do nothing?

Do you think that even when things apparently go badly for you, your inborn spiritual wisdom and power have arranged an initiation for you, despite your conscious desire?

(They may well have, but how do you choose to interpret the message?)

Do you no longer need your instruments and the technical procedures of spells and servitors?

Have you declared yourself enlightened?

Damn your weak philosophies; a pox and a pestilence upon your despicable sloth and arrogance.

Either give up now, tear off those adept’s stripes that you once won and join the New-Agers, or pick up that wand and let’s see half a dozen tight sigils launched with full gnosis before dawn.


"Great wizards never exist in a state of masterly inactivity in imagined perfect worlds. Great wizards study, strive and conjure till they drop. They have much to do; the quest on which humanity has embarked has barely begun.

Those declaring themselves enlightened merely display their inability to imagine the extent of what they don’t know."

Love it. Reminds me of the ego trap meme going around.

Never be content to rest and become lazy


I got lazy because I got miserable and I paid a heavy price. Never again.