What magical model(s) do you use?

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Longer descriptions here if you are not familiar with the magical models.

What magical model(s) do you use?
  • The Spirit Model: “Magic works by receiving help from some type of external spirits/entities.”
  • The Energy Model: “Magic works because all things are made of, or connected by energy, which you can manipulate and direct.”
  • The Psychological Model: “Magic works by tasking your subconscious to manifest change via it’s unique relationship with reality.”
  • The Information Model: “Magic works by manipulating the information which determines how energy behaves in a system.”
  • The Meta-Model: “The other models are the same truth through different lenses, which you can access as needed by shifting your perspective.”

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My view is that magic requires a belief system to program the subconscious level of your brain where your timeline gets chosen. It does not matter what the belief system is, even to the point of when magicians tell you “it works even if you don’t believe in it” - which is still a belief system.