The role of a magician

True Will is not a mystical concept. In advancing through the grades, the initiate considers many choices and finds what they think is the proper course of action. Its not some magickal mystery thing waiting inside of you.

When it comes to the Abyss, the initiate must deposit everything into the cup of Babylon. This requires an end to wanting, an end to hope, and end to imagination. Essentially the initiate is so run down that they give up trying, because really, contemplation can be endless. Its a fools errand. When the magician is finished wanting and hoping, they gather their materials- all that they considered as they sought their True Will, and decides on the proper course, and should have it down to a concise statement. This will be their maxim.

The witch is silent because when you reveal your True Will you give away power, and people will then have a way to investigate your intentions and actions and hold you accountable, and lead you on a course that might actually be against your future Will. Do not reveal your Will. Another reason not to, is because the seeking magician that you encounter needs your mystery, for in mystery, there is potential, and the Abyss is all about examining potentials. It does a great disservice to other magicians to reveal.

Life is matter and intention. All we have is material substance, and the Will and want to act. I believe there is something within us that might be eternal and immortal, might be salvagable- but I do not know this for certain, and who could? In our growth we are exposed to forces outside of us, all the way into the supernatural worlds. These forces are also within us; hunger, desire, lust, curiosity, passion, zealotry. We also have actions we must attend to- because our environment demands that we fulfill obligations. I call this the choices between duty and desire, and we dont always pick the right thing. There is something supernatural that coerces us to desire, for it inspires us to get involved, to experience, to create and procreate. Some call this force the Devil, but really, if there were a Devil wanting to see the fall of mankind, dont you suppose he would be more able to see it happen? The same can be said about God- if God were so determined to make us think and do certain things, dont you think we would know directly? That is why I say that the reason for life is life itself- that God wanted us to exist, and so we do. In this existence are two Truths- liberty and power, and kindness. That is why Thelema says Do What Thou Wilt, Love is the Law. I see these two Truths as in opposition, and on the Tree of Life in Kabbalah, they are on opposite sides. One side is power, and what is power if it is chained? That is why total liberty is total power. And what is Love? It is kindness, for what we conventionally consider to be Good is that which aids us, and that which we consider to be Evil is that which opposes. Some say that opposition provides us with strength, and in a world with nature of this sort, we need to be hardy, sturdy and strong- but do we need such fierce opposition as some can be? No, and that is why the Devil is not real, because we are not so opposed. Love is indeed the Law, for when someone treats us poorly, we hate and avoid them, or fight- and in fighting there is loss, and in light of a greater Good- we want all to win. This life is contest because we cannot all agree on our Desire and Duty, for in this world there is not all fairness, but we are working on this end- that is what the Good people do. Human beings like to have purpose, they like to belong, and they like to be secure. We like to be satisfied, and we like to create. I believe that until a person feels these things to their satisfaction, that they will avoid participation in the Good cause of fairness. That is why we must encourage opportunity, and part of ensuring opportunity is liberty. Somewhere in all of this is the correct balance; between our wants and our needs, our obligations and our freedom, and in our creativity and our contribution.