The real purpose of baptism?

Hello there!
Does anyone know what is the real purpose of (christian) baptism, it’s occult significance? I mean come on, i’m a “lost sheep” who needs to be rescued by religion so that they can own my soul? that smells rotten.
Does anyone realy know the true historical/occult importance of it?
Thank you very much!

It’s a symbolic washing away of sins. As simple as that. Washing before ritual to cleanse of impure energies is common in many magical traditions.

So it’s pretty useless, after all?
I don’t see how physical water can wash the “sins”.
And if religion it’s a magical tradition, should i trust it?

Trust it for what?

If it’s meaningless to you, then it’s meaningless.

Trust it for everything it claims, especialy for letting the children be immersed in the cold water for “washing up their sins”.
If it’s meaningless, that rises some extra questions. Why so much people believe in it since it’s such a straightforward concept like “if it’s useless don’t believe in it.” There won’t be the need for, let say it in plain language: short-time child abuse. That’s what it actualy is, objectively. And parents don’t dare to question a bit what it’s actualy used for after they see the obvious? I think that’s associated with an old cult, and it has to have some occult meaning.

It has the same purpose and method as the Mason rite of initiation where your life is symbolically at risk. The idea is that you throw away your old life and begin a new one. Originally baptism wasn’t just a bit of splashing in water - they practically drowned you in order to induce gnosis and start your new life :slight_smile:

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