Rider versus Thoth

Which do you prefer? Why?

  • Rider Waite Smith
  • Thoth

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I find the art of the Thoth deck infinitely more appealing.

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Wasn’t that still unfinished when Crowley died and they completed it post mortem or something?

Something about that sounds familiar, but I don’t remember the specifics off the top of my head…

I much prefer Thoth, mostly because og the advanced correspondences

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It’s more practical, having changed some of the card names makes it so. Lust especially was a great addition, rather than pretend we dont, it forced me to witness to it. I’m not a toy, I lust. Lust is fundamental at certain stages for development. Just because we are “supposed to conquer it” doesn’t mean I have, will or want to. I also like the art card, for after long deliberation, I recognize art is frankly the only thing new, mostly. And it is the influence and pursuit of art that leads us to discovery. Thoth is not without the majestic quest of Ryder, but it adds new dimensions and things to pursue. In the end, there is very little new to discover, except in presentation and interpretation of the many faces that art has hidden the basics in.

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