"Recipe" style magick

Where do you stand on the view of magick as a recipe you follow.

Like the Hollywood style magick where if you say the right words or draw the right symbols or complete the right steps it just happens.

I personally believe that there’s more to it than that (practice, skill, achieving altered states, etc), but I have run into people who even do the same path that I do who believe in the recipe style.

‘Recipe’ spells make a good jumping off point for people new to magic(k), but basically I agree with you. It doesn’t generate the power of knowing the format you’re after and reaching the right state of mind. As with anything, practice increases skill.


I use recipe style magick sometimes. I’m very fond of hoodoo and even made mojo bags.

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It’s of no use at all to me, except maybe for the purpose of analyzing what the author of the “recipe” saw as symbolic for their purposes.

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I believe in certain words of power, and I also believe that unless we are spiritually in tune with our meaning and the meaning of these words, that they have no power when we speak them. Its our essence that empowers these ideas, and we have to be them in order for anything to happen.

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I personally like it since it’s easier for me to process the information like that, hence why all the spells i make are “recipe spells”. It’s just a form of chunkining for me tbh.