Love Spell (Bath Magick)

Intent: it’s not to make people fall in love with you, but to spread love, and to love yourself

[ ] rose quartz (as much as you need)
[ ] A pink candle(for love) (red for lust) (can be any size)
[ ] Rose petals (optional)
[ ] A bath tub
[ ] A Love sigil
[ ] Salt
[ ] Clear quartz

  1. Gather your materials
  2. Put salt in you bath just a pinch or a shake will work you can add your favorite bubble bath if you want if you have it add rose petals
  3. Place your crystals and candles outside of your bath in any formation
  4. Put your energy in the sigil then burn it
  5. Get in.
  6. Clear your mind and focus on your intent
  7. Enjoy the rest of your bath

When you are done put out the candle by taking away oxygen. Do not blow it out.
Put up ur stuff then ur done

I hope you like it :grinning:

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