Hail Satan, fools!

Man, it took some real study for me to defeat and understand Satan. I knew I wasn’t one of those goodie goods but I always feared the Son of “Evil”. Turns out we all got a lil Satan goin on!

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So… are you a Satanist?

Satan has a lot of different meanings, but I like to defeat the fear of the Christian Satan because most people have exposure to him.

In Christian terms, Satan is the tempter, the tormentor, the liar. He is Chaos, Hes the reason we are mortal. He either hates God or hates Man, depending who you listen to. Hes Chaos.

Lets examine these things:

Have you ever given in to temptation? The Christian Mystics don’t like being tempted by the flesh- but most people will find that they like to indulge in things like celebrating victory, fine tasting food, masturbation, sexuality, heck- even dancing. These things disturb the Christian peace, do you do them? Then maybe your God is Satan.

What else? Do you examine and test your senses? SATAN
Do you study philosophy, which is rooted in doubting Wisdom, “Truth” and the senses? SATAN Do you have secret Desires that you don’t reveal? SATAN Are you secretly selfish in ambition and don’t want to join the crowd? SATAN Do you oppose people in any form? SATAN

So there you have it, Satan is rampant in todays world, and it causes our joy and sorrow, success and failure, addictions and excess, and it makes people a lot of money to sell this stuff to you. You do need a job and something to spend money on, right?

The true religion of this country is Liberty, Individuality, Greed and Revenge (Which some call Justice)

Christian God to me is my evil, he judges and punishes the ‘roughs’ who then are dammed and will suffer eternity being tortured… who is the evil one. It becomes blurred, i think a bit of evil is in all sentient beings. So my beliefs are very much of the Left Hand Path. This path serves me well…

Christians are taught to cower and fear anything that is carnal or earthly, outlined in their “deadly sins”, where as the Satanist or left-hand practitioner does not fear the earthly. Rather, he or she will indulge in “sins” but will not let said sins rule him. It’s there for their enjoyment. If it turns to compulsion or addiction, then the practitioner is in trouble because they are giving up their individual power and control to it, but it’s up to them to judge and deal with it themselves, instead of some authoritarian God doing it for them.

I know which one I’d rather be :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m with Ambrose Bierce:
“A puritan is someone who gets a guilty pleasure from denying themselves something” :smiley: