Ellis/LS, Spiders, and Quantum Physics/Biocentrism

I was recently having a discussion about the concept common to biocentrism and quantum physics where they say reality literally ceases to be when not observed (this was in the context of an article I saw/shared recently).

Someone asked, “Oh yeah? well if you have 3 people all close their eyes at the same time, how does reality know how to come back? why doesn’t it ever come back wrong?”*

I joked back, "Well they say you are never more than 3ft away from a spider, maybe the spiders aren’t closing their eyes :stuck_out_tongue: ". (continued below)


Well that was meant as a funny little joke but there’s probably some truth to it. If there really are that many spiders with that many eyes, we may owe a lot of static reality to their constantly observing our world and thereby collapsing the waves of probability.

That seems to feed directly into the lore surrounding DKMU’s Linking Sigil and it’s association to spiders, some even saying the related entity Ellis is a spider herself.

There would literally be a web of perception (owed in large part to spiders) which keeps reality more or less intact, surrounding our entire world. And any attempt to alter reality would have to contend with this in some way or another. Maybe via a web of intention crafted by mankind (LS).

Just my random shower thought of the day, feel free to pick it up and run with it.

Tldr version:

Biocentrism is often taken for granted to be human centric, but all manner of beasts and even trees observe and collapse probability. There’s almost always something watching

(*my more serious answers to the line of questioning above involved the self remaining even when nothing else does, and that sometimes during gnosis when our conscious perception is completely shut down reality does NOT come back the same, and that is magick)