Destroy your Ego in the Abyss

There is a lot of advise in the Occult about destroying your Ego, but not a lot of talk about what comes after that, or why its so great.

When you are Ego-less, you are more likely to learn, for one thing. You are free to hear the opinions of others, and find out their motive and knowledge. We all have developed an Ego at some point, and these Egos are developed out of the Egos of those around us, so when you find yourself with an Ego, it was formed by your environment, what you’ve ingested and experience by ways of the Egos of others. Destroying your Ego is the start of the road to enlightenment, and on the way you will learn who you were, and how you got to be that person. This is the start of knowledge about your past, and your desire for the future. The Magician will start to gather information from the other Egos and compile their data to decide what makes the most sense for them, and for mankind.

Other than the insight into who other people are, and why they are that way- destroying the Ego in the Abyss causes the Magician to find the primary elements that form Ego in the first place, and that is why the basic ideas such as the 4 elements, the concept of Law, the uses for the body; such as sex magick, and the social norms applied to civil or disruptive social intercourse is examined by the Demon in the Abyss (you). Yes, you are everything, and you are Choronzon, and the Gods above force you to terrorize yourself until you find the answers. This isn’t to say you are alone, but really, you are devouring yourself in your search.

So what do you do when you have named the journey of life, its expectations and methods, and its Laws? You begin to formulate an opinion of method, and on outcome. In todays global environment there is an awful lot to ingest, and many thoughts about how to do things. Not only have these ideas been presented, but because of the vastness of ideas and combinations, and the disparagement of liberties and access to resources, the combinations seem endless. For instance, a one child home will create a Magician with a different point of view than if you were placed down a long list of children in birth order. A single parent home of poverty will create a Magician with a different angle than one of wealth. Finding that firm ground in the Abyss has never been more difficult, and on top of that there are things moving in the world that we are unaware of- so the Magician is really far behind unless they are in one of the top positions of the fields of government or science.

Finally, when one has no Ego, then one is able to appreciate what comes for what it offers, and individually, from a point of a layperson, this is the spirituality that is most desirable. Should you be more ambitious in your intention, it is possible to form an opinion of worldly states of affairs, and comment on them. Also, from an artistic point of view, an Egoless Magician can create works of observation from a many angled spectrum.

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My friend and I were talking about “being in the now” present, mindful-- and Crowley wants us to do that, ignoring the past to conjure the future- but this is not something that can necessarily be done “now”, for we come to the now by way of history, and in order to understand and affect NOW, we need to know what it is. Often now is history, and the future is generated from it. You are the past, whether you want to believe it or not, and the past contains all the material for a new now.