Biocentrism, reality as a product of consciousness

I recently heard of biocentrism. Does it align with your ideas about magic?

It’s a paradigm I’ve been using for a while without knowing the name of it.

Seems like the scientists are finally figuring out the stuff occultists have known for so long! Lol

That isn’t just an occultist point of view, its long been held in the story of Philosophy. In fact, I recommend every occultist study philosophy, because most of these ideas have already been explored, just not with the Magick element.

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That’s a great point, Plato mused about living in a simulation way before occultists and then later scientists hit upon it

Its hard to say which came first, Magick or philosophy. Magick has always been around, and mysticism too- and it is the mystic and the faithful that discover new perceptions and redefine God and the Universe. I believe Magick was first, but the two are so intertwined now youd not be certain- for sure if youre talking about higher spirits teaching humanity, Magick came first. Socrates said he had a Demon. I think people are interacted with or revealed something and thinkers take it on and ponder it. That is why there is a difference between an initiate adept and an academic adept.

Let me amend that- they are all initiates- there is tantric, and academic, and they are both mystics, but one is more of a disciple and the other is a self drawn master