Amazon combined group working with details and times

Anyone interested in creating a group working for the fires in Brazil?

Edit: Nobody seemed interested in creating one here, so I have combined the 2 most popular ones I have found already online:

The first had a nice sigil and the second had logistics and a clear intent.
It’s a pretty complete plan when you add them together.

To be done at 01:00 and/or 13:00 GMT daily, until the fires are out (rain radar).
Tuesday, August 27, 2019 1:00 AMTZ
Tuesday, August 27, 2019 1:00 PMTZ

8am/8pm CDT
9am/9pm EDT
6am/6pm PDT
2am/2pm UK

Statement of intent:

"Rains fall swiftly on Brazil where the forests burn
Quench all wildfires there, let peace return
To the rainforests."

Sigil to charge:


Here are the two separate workings I combined for this, if you would rather do them individually:

*Read some Alan Chapman if you don’t like how the sigil was made.


Excellent. The time works out to 2 a.m. for me in UK, but will do my best. Maybe set it twice a day for world participation? 2:00 GMT both a.m and p.m.?

I have a link to follow weather there

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Great to see you here @Jaq , welcome!

Yeah the original times seem very US-centric only listing Eastern, Central, and Pacific.
I’ll get that added! Thanks!