Alternate LBRPs

What are your favorite modified or alternate versions of the LBRP?

Anything pop-culture? Or maybe just non-Abrahamic?

My favorites are the Roman alt here:

And the addition of Metatron and Sandalphon I read in the Damien Echols book: High Magick:



The Wiccan circle in the more Gardnerian traditions are so similar to the LBRP that it had to have been derived from there originally. I was, in a decade gone by, the sort of Wiccan who would have been scandalized by the suggestion that something so heavy on the Abrahamic religious references were what the Wiccan circle was built off of.

(Although I guess Crowley was pretty scandalized by it, too, as the Star Ruby/Sapphire came about as an effort to remove anything vaguely Xtian.)

I’ve been experimenting with LBRPs, trying to decide which kind of influence I want, or if I want to develop something more personal. Some folks are big on traditions and doing what has been long proven to work; others demand the Individual assert themselves, the work being enhanced by the personal creative investment.

TL;DR: I haven’t actually made up my mind yet but I am open to new ideas.

I made the mistake of putting Chaos in mine lol. Boy was that Hell.