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Forum home of Ground Zero Sum / Chaos Punk Collective

We make occult-based art, offer occult services, and offer other creatives the chance to get their art known.

We are inspired by the ways of the old, but we will blaze new paths forward.

It’s always important to look to the past for insight on what will come in the future.

Yes, we absolutely recognize our progenitors that came before. The knowledge they have passed on will help us grow and attain heights they never did.

We whisper with respect names like: Hine, Dee, Spare, Lee, Carroll, and so very many more.

The 21st Century occultist finds themselves in a precarious position. More accepted as a member of society than any previous era, knowledge available in massive quantities, and a global network of magic workers that you can easily collaborate with.

We are in an Golden Age of Magic, and we owe it to ourselves, and the world, to do good works for the human species.

They need us now more than ever before.

Our goal is to infuse the old ways with the new, bring magic to the masses, and do what we were meant to do… guide the world to a better day.

We will use the oldest magics that have ever existed, the creativity of the human soul in picture, sound, and word.

Our goal is to entertain, inform, and educate, so that we may all benefit from a world in balance.

More Info: https://groundzerosum.com/ | https://gzscomix.com

This forum serves as a place for GZS and CPC members to mingle